Overnight Natural Head Lice Treatment | Jellibeanjournals.com

Natural Overnight Head Lice Treatment

School’s back in session, and your kids are having a grand time catching up with old friends, making new ones, and getting to know their new teachers. It’s a great time of year! Unfortunately, it’s also the time of year when head lice spreads like the plague. Don’t despair, use my favorite natural head lice… 

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Bible verse printable cards for labor and birth | Jellibeanjournals.com

Labor and Birth Bible Verse Printables

Hi friends! I’ve been super busy lately with packing up to move to a temporary home while my family waits for our permanent residency to be vacant. On top of that, these 37 weeks of pregnancy are starting to take a toll. Whoa, baby! Today I’ve created a set of free labor and birth Bible… 

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Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes | Jellibeanjournals.com

Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes

Orange creamsicle cupcakes are a fresh take on the ice cream truck popsicle favorite that make kids of all ages sprint for the dessert table. My kids are cupcake fiends. When my oldest had her second birthday, she was first introduced to the beauty of cupcakes. Since it’s harder to keep sweets out of the… 

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WIN a Levana Keera Baby Monitor- LED nightvision, lullaby features, and more! Ends Aug. 31st.

3 Packing Essentials to Keep Toddlers Safe at Grandma’s House

Sending the kids off to Grandma’s house for the weekend is a great way to get some couples time R&R or to catch up on housekeeping, but only if you have peace of mind knowing your children are safe and sound. Grandparents always mean best, but sometimes it’s helpful to plan ahead to keep toddlers… 

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How to use and install Adobe Lightroom templates | Jellibeanjournals.com

How to Install and Use Lightroom Templates

Now that we know the secret to creating gorgeous, branded social media images is to use templates, let me show you how to install and use Lightroom templates, namely the free Pinterest template for Lightroom that I shared with you last week. This Lightroom tutorial will work for any print template you’d like to use… 

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Stress be gone! Makeover your mornings with these routine hacks for moms of preschoolers | Jellibeanjournals.com

How to Survive Mornings (and Enjoy Them!) with Tots at Home

It’s 5:45 a.m. I’m snuggled warm in my bed, drooling on my pillow when the sudden onset of “Nah, nah, nah!” in high-pitched shouting toddler voices fills the air. The accompanying stomps of little pj’d feet let me know that my tots are awake and beginning their morning jamboree. My day has begun. It’s not… 

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Make stunner social media images FAST! Insider #blog tips from jellibeanjournals.com

Create Killer Social Media Images with Lightning Speed

Do you find yourself Googling for the current sizes to create your social media images for blog posts? Have you ever thrown in the towel with blog photos, deciding to insert whichever image happened to be at your fingertips rather than taking the time to craft a stellar image for post sharing? If so, you’re… 

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Easy homemade bagels | jellibeanjournals.com

The BEST Bagel Recipe Ever!

It’s 5:30 a.m. He’s getting dressed. All 3 feet of him. “Mommy, beg-ows!” he chants, in his high-pitched sing song two year-old voice. I can’t resist him. His blonde curly locks cascading behind his baby-soft little neck, perfect for tickling, kissing, and pulling a bib around at mealtime.This boy is a bagel eating machine. Doesn’t… 

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Chocolate mousse cookie cheesecake | Jellibeanjournals.com

Chocolate Mousse Cookie Cheesecake

What do you get when you layer chocolate chip cookie crust with tangy cheesecake and French chocolate mousse? A chocolate mousse cookie cheesecake that any chocolate lover will want to dive right into!. (Licks spoon.) Chocolate mousse cookie cheesecake came about from one of those “I want silky chocolate mousse. AND chewy chocolate chip cookies…. 

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Best prenatal workout videos for busy pregnant women on YouTube | Jellibeanjournals.com

Best YouTube Pregnancy Workouts for Busy Moms

Maintaining a fit body while you’re pregnant requires dedication. Keeping your body healthy and strong, or even improving your fitness,  is important both for you and for your growing baby. One of my favorite places to find pregnancy workout videos is on YouTube, a quick click for prenatal workouts that you can access anytime. Scanning… 

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White chocolate cherry no bake granola bars | Jellibeanjournals.com

No-Bake White Chocolate Cherry Granola Bars

Send your kids back to school with the best snack ever, chewy sweet tart no-bake white chocolate cherry granola bars! What’s so special about these homemade granola bars? They taste like Rice Krispies treats! Ever wonder how to make granola bars? This no bake granola bar recipe is chewy and irresistible because it combines lots… 

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how to change a child's life

How to Change a Life

Have you ever considered yourself “entitled?” Many of us never lack for food or education. The closest thing to wondering where our next meal will come from is deciding which fast food chain we’re craving at the moment. If you’re reading this post, you CAN make a difference to children who are in need… and… 

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Anyone can save money on newborn essentials with these proven strategies that work for parents on a budget. | Jellibeanjournals.co

9 Proven Ways to Save Money on Newborn Essentials

Whether you’re a first-time parent or a seasoned veteran, with every baby comes a new challenge, particularly when you’re preparing for baby and newborn essentials on a budget. When I was pregnant with my first child, a wise woman who knew my family’s tight financial situation told me that God always provides for new babies…. 

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Chocolate Loaf Cake- so moist and tender it'll become your go-to teacake recipe! | Jellibeanjournals.com

Rustic Chocolate Picnic Cake

Need a quick, no-frills chocolate cake recipe that delivers? Then you’ve got to try this moist chocolate cake recipe that’s sweetened entirely by brown sugar to enhance it with warm caramel flavor. My husband loves inviting people over with zero notice. It’s a Costa Rican habit of his that’s not likely to change. That doesn’t… 

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