A Week of Firsts

My family’s not the spring break vacay kind. We prefer to stick close to home while everyone else gets stuck in beach-bound traffic. That definitely doesn’t mean we don’t have fun!first playtimeThis past week my kids had a blast, especially Summer Elizabeth. She witnessed her first international art festival, an annual tradition for us, tried her first heaping plate of paella, and even donned her first princess tiara. Goodness, it’s hard to top that list, but it gets even better! Here’s a little peek into our fun-filled week.

The art festival was held in Parque La Sabana, one of the biggest parks in the area, where they just so happen to have horses for hire. Summer mounted sheepishly and squeezed Daddy’s hand tightly through her first horseback ride. Love how her feet dangle way above the stirrups.  Such a cute cowgirl!firsts-2Earlier in the week, Elijah mounted his first rocking horse. This one was just about as fancy as I’ve seen them. Its head nodded and it played music as if the horse were trotting along. He loved it!firsts-7The big kicker was Summer’s first ever ice cream cone. We limit her sweets, but promised her a reward if she kept her diaper dry all night long. Since she’s been potty trained since 18 months we figured she was up to the challenge. She mastered it that night and won herself a whopping strawberry ice cream cone the next day on a Daddy-little girl date.firsts-3First tricycle ride. Sweet friends of ours lent us this shiny red tricycle and Summer had a blast with it in our back porch. Random fact: tricycles can tip over. Multiple times. Who knew?firsts-5Elijah’s first tooth came in. Can you see it? It was soon followed by the second, though it still has to be photographed.firsts-6  Every parent knows that silent children are the surest sign of mischief. I got out of bed on Saturday morning to discover Summer’s first self-tattooing session in full swing courtesy of my colorful Sharpies she managed to kidnap while I was in bed.Summer's first tattooLast week was so much fun I can’t wait to see what this one’s got in store!

Tell me, what exciting adventures have happened in your family recently? Do you travel over Easter or prefer vacationing in the off-season?

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