Make Readers Fall in Love with You and Stay that Way!

Make Readers Fall Madly in Love with You... and stay that way! | Jellibean Journals

A top-notch strategy to catch and keep devoted readers is to reach out through their inbox.  [Tweet this!]

Ever noticed why so many bloggers include calls-to-action asking you to subscribe to email newsletters? Shameless plug, including this awesome freebie that absolutely all bloggers should be using!get blog post checklist buttonThis week I’m sharing a foolproof approach to keep your blog readers engaged and coming back for more!

Remember, last time we talked we focused on the importance of connecting with our audience. We agreed that real, meaningful and authentic interaction with our readers is the best way to build our blogging communities.

This time we’re taking it one step further. I’m going to do a little matchmaking between you and your readers, something I’ve learned oodles about through the Rock Your Blog course I’m currently working through. If you want your blog to reel you in a full-time income, I couldn’t recommend clicking over to enroll now in Bonnie’s fab workshop

Check out everything you need to know to make readers fall madly in love with you over at Reasons to Skip the Housework where I’m guest posting today.

See you there!

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