Eshakti dress review

Dress Tailoring for the Everyday Woman

When it comes to style, I’m no fashionista. I like to look good, but I usually opt for stylish AND comfortable over seasonal trends. I’m also a big fan of dresses. You may remember the awesome tutorial I shared about wearing a maxi dress short.There’s just something about wearing a dress that makes me feel… 

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French Baguettes

Hi there Jellibean Journals friends!  It’s me Claire from A Little CLAIREification and I am taking over Jelli’s blog today while she is on a much needed vacation.  So happy to “meet” you all!   A few months back Jelli shared an amazing recipe for Nutella Cream Puffs over on my blog for so I… 

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Almond Joy Green Smoothie | Frugal Foodie Mama for

Almond Joy Green Smoothie

Hi friends! This week my family flew stateside to visit my relatives for the first time in two years. They’re snuggling the little ones and trying to shove all the sugar they can into my little girl while Husband and I take evening bike rides and enjoy the local ice cream parlours. That’s a recipe… 

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Improve your photography no matter what camera you use! |

3 Ways to Improve Your Photography Right Now

How many times have you whipped out your camera to take what you’d expected to be an award-winning photo and ended up with a dud? We’ve all been there, wondering what went wrong and how to take better pictures. Whether you’re working with an iphone camera, a point and shoot, or my very fave, a… 

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Learn how to fold a shirt in 2 seconds using this simple technique! |

How to Fold a Shirt Fast: the best laundry tip I never knew!

Folding clothes will never be the same again once you learn how to fold a shirt in under two seconds! On the weekends I usually post an easy pleasy recipe for you, but today’s laundry tip was so incredible that I absolutely had to bump it to the top of the list! If you’re like… 

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Perfectly indulgent ice cream recipes anyone can create whether you've got a machine or not! |

Sweeten Your Summer: Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

There’s nothing like the creamy decadence of homemade ice cream. You might have noticed I’ve been on an ice cream high lately. Can’t. Get. Enough.Some of these lush homemade ice creams are zippy quick to make, others are more sophisticated and require a little more attention. No matter what your situation, there’s definitely a handful… 

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Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream

Hold onto your hats, because this cinnamon roll ice cream is gonna blow your mind! Start with cinnamon ice cream. Add a tangy cream cheese swirl and toss in gobs of cinnamon roll bites. Whip this up in 15 minutes, no ice cream machine required!And it is studded with chunks of chewy cinnamon roll. Because… 

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