cinnamon swirl mini cheesecakes

Cinnamon Swirl Mini Cheesecakes

The widespread grin of foodie euphoria spread across my lips as I sank my teeth deep into another cinnamon swirl mini cheesecake. Suddenly, my three year-old daughter bounded in. “Mama! What are you eating? I want one!” I knew that the blissful moment couldn’t last long, and to be honest, neither did the batch of… 

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citrus creme crepes-3

Lemon Cream Crepes

Add some “wow” factor to your weekend brunch with these yummy lemon cream crêpes! Are you under common assumption that crêpes are tricky and require fancy gadgetry to pump out? If so, let’s dispel those rumors once and for all. After all, it’s probably some fancy-pants chefs from French restaurants with unpronounceable names who started… 

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sprinkle rice krispy treats recipe-2

Sprinkle Rice Krispy Treats

Nothing beats gooey, buttery sprinkle Rice Krispy treats, especially since they literally take less than 10 minutes from start to finish. And I can’t wait to share my insider secret for getting those bright, festive sprinkles to look perfect every single time! Curbing a childlike craving for Rice Krispy treats is one of my favorite… 

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Chocolate Cookie Muffins |

Chocolate Cookie Muffins

Nothing beats a chocolate cookie muffin with crunchy chocolate cookie chunks in every bite! Putting chocolate sandwich cookies into muffins? GENIUS! Cookies in cupcakes- been there, done that. Oreo cheesecake- checkity check. Cookie cup cheesecakes- yesterday’s news. But muffins filled with crunchy cookie gobs, that’s a whole new story! Studded with cookies and topped with… 

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cranberry white chocolate scones

Cranberry White Chocolate Scones

Cranberry white chocolate scones are a great addition to your lazy day weekend brunch. Okay, to be honest, I’d scarf down a couple of these easy buttery scones just about any day with a hot cup of peach tea and a dollop of sweetened whipped cream. This easy scones recipe came to me from an… 

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Piña colada chia pudding |

Piña Colada Chia Seed Pudding

Transport yourself to the breezy seaside in less than 5 minutes with this creamy, nutritious piña colada chia seed pudding! There’s something about springtime that always awakens my fruit cravings. Maybe it’s a hardcore yearning for summertime sunshine, or maybe it’s just the knowledge that eating pineapple as dessert rather than chocolate mint brownie cheesecake… 

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nutella cream cheese pastries

Nutella Cheese Pastries

Craving chocolate Nutella swirled with tangy cream cheese ribbons jammed inside a flaky, buttery, pastry? Look no further! Nutella cheese pastries are the end-all to your search for quick, easy pastries that wow guests and get gobbled up in seconds. My three year-old and I whipped these up in about 7 minutes, if you don’t… 

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Gooey butter cookies from a cake mix! |

Lemon Gooey Butter Cookies

Gooey butter cake is a St. Louis phenomenon that the entire country has taken by storm. And with that chewy bite and lush cream cheesy flavor, it’s no surprise! Today we’re tweaking the usual gooey butter cake recipe to make colorful, bite-sized gooey butter cookies instead! Let’s face it, gooey butter cake is incredible, but… 

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