Patchwork Waltz: At the Beach

Every weekend you’re privy to to my favorite posts of the week. It’s a hodgepodge mix of things that make me grin, simplify life, or make your palette sing. If you’re up for a few good reads, pour yourself a steaming cup of java (pumpkin spice latte, anyone?) & check them out.

We’re at the beach this weekend, for a long-overdue sun & sand extravaganza, but of course I have to let you in on some of the goodness I found and loved this first week of 2013.

Without further adieu, here’s the patchwork of favorite links this week. Waltz around & check them out!

Glow Stick Tub Party. This is on my “mommy-must” list @ a day in the life
Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas These rocked! @ home sick texan
The Ultimate Travel Checklist  Used this for beach packing Thurs. @ the project girl
Chili-Like Wendy’s Ultra yummy bowls of comfort @ love bakes good cakes
Natural Bug Repellant DIY repellant recipe I took to the beach @ Frugally sustainable


    • Jelli says

      Thanks for visiting, Dawn! Coffee sounds pretty good right now, especially an iced version, seeing that the weather here is steamy (but lovely.) Have a great weekend.

    • Jelli says

      Thanks for the heads up on the link. It’s fixed now! WP likes to “help” you out by adding the “http://” automatically to links, and I just forgot to delete it before pasting in the link. So happy you liked the checklist, Amber. Take care!

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