Pregnancy Belly Butter

I’m a sucker for skincare products. There’s just something luxurious about silky smooth skin.

My preference for natural skin care products that don’t contain chemicals, colorings, and ingredients that I can’t pronounce is especially true during pregnancy, when I’m growing a sweet innocent baby inside. That’s why I use this natural pregnancy belly butter for pregnancy and beyond.Pregnancy Belly Butter: a natural skincare recipe from

I bought a few items last month and made my own pregnancy belly butter. It’s smooth and luscious, and smells like almonds. To be honest, I was hoping it would make my tummy smell like dark chocolate from the cocoa butter. Mine didn’t, but I’ll tell you how to make yours chocoriffic in a minute.

This pregnancy belly butter recipe makes a denser, creamy butter than many of the whipped body lotions I’m accustomed to. It melts on skin contact and smoothes on beautifully. If you or a friend are expecting soon, give this a try! It also works great for cracked hands and heels.

It takes 5 minutes to stir together and just might keep those stretch marks away. Fingers crossed.DIY Pregnancy Belly Butter Recipe #naturealliving #pregnancy |

Pregnancy Belly Butter


  • 3 T. coconut oil (the solid type, not liquid massage oil)
  • 3 T. 100% pure cocoa butter
  • 3 T. shea butter
  • 3 T. almond oil *Use vitamin E oil or apricot kernel oil to keep butter smelling chocolatey.
  • 2 t. beeswax, grated


In a small saucepan over low heat, melt the cocoa butter and beeswax, stirring frequently.

When melted, stir in the remaining ingredients until smooth. Immediately pour into a small container that holds approximately 1 cup of liquid. Cool 6-8 hours before sealing with a lid. Gently smooth over swollen tummy 1-2 times per day, or as often as you like.

Read more about birth preparation:

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  1. says

    oooooooo, I have been wanting to make something like this!! And where oh where did you find the ingredients? I have been hunting high and low for things like coconut oil and what not…help a sista out!!

    • Jelli says

      I actually bought the cocoa butter, shea butter, and beeswax from Mountain Rose Herbs. They were surprisingly inexpensive. Almond oil came from my local pharmacy and the coconut oil is generally found in the natural foods section of a bigger supermarket or in a health food store or via Amazon.

      • says

        Did Mountain Rose Herbs ship here to CR? And the coconut oil…like at AutoMercado or Walmart? I haven’t seen it yet…maybe I am not looking in the right place.

        • Jelli says

          Hehe. Liz, I didn’t realize it was you. I bought from Mountain Rose and shipped to a US address and used a company to get it here. The coconut oil came from my mother-in-law’s last visit. She brought it from the US. I have bought coconut oil in small (1oz?) jars at a macrobiótica here in Moravia.

          • says

            hhaha, no problem :) And yes, these macrobioticas…still haven’t figured them out completely, but need to!! There is a team coming down in June, maybe I can have them bring some of this…

    • Jelli says

      Thanks, Jenn. I know I’d have loved it if someone had made (or just bought) me some belly cream when I was pregnant the 1st time. Seems that sometimes we remember to buy for baby and forget all about mama.

  2. says

    That sounds divine!! I think I’m going to use it!! I’m not pregnant, my after a couple pregnancies belly would enjoy a treat!

    Thanks for linking up at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality!

    • Jelli says

      Great! It’d work incredibly well for dry skin of most types. In fact, I think it would be divine to use after a pedicure, to slather it on thick and put on some cotton socks for the night. Your feet would wind up baby soft in the morning. Thanks so much for visiting me, Christine. It’s always a pleasure when party hosts visit the participants!

  3. Lefthandedvirgo says

    Hi! I used a recipe very similar to yours, but ended up with little tiny chunks (almost like tiny little balls) mixed in the butter. I already tried beating it with a mixer, but that didn’t help. Any advice on how I can transform it into real silky whipped butter?
    Also, I’m already on my 9th month, and ended up making way too much of this. Do you have any suggestions of what to do with the remaining after pregnancy?

    • Jelli says

      Liane, body butter recipes like this one have too much wax and solid butters in them to work well as a whipped butter. Since making this recipe, I’ve also made a whipped body butter recipe (though haven’t posted yet) and would recommend that if you’d like yours light and airy, to melt everything back down and add 1/3 part liquid oil (jojoba/coconut/almond/vitaminE/olive) into the mixture. Allow it to cool to at least room temp (speed things up in the fridge) and whip it in the mixer. If you want to start from scratch, try a recipe that includes at least 50% liquid oils, or better yet 2/3 liquid and 1/3 solids. Here’s a recipe link to get you started.

      As for what to do with the extra, I’d say just keep on using it as body lotion, being sure to cover your belly even up to a month after pregnancy. I was amazed to find that after giving birth I still had no stretch marks, and then 2 weeks post-partum 2 showed up out of the blue. You could always gift the leftovers or use it as hand/knee/elbow or foot cream too. Hope this helps!

  4. Jessica says I made this EXACTLY as listed…and it didnt set :( It feels nice but was liquid runny …I dont think thats how its supposed to be is it ?? LOL I cant figure out what I did so ..I melted it back down and added more beeswax..

    • Jelli says

      Hmmm. I can’t imagine what might’ve gone wrong, because mine was solid without a doubt. Did you use coconut oil that’s solid at room temp? It does take a few hours to fully harden, but I think that if you let it sit plenty of time and it didn’t solidify, then you probably chose the best method to make the butter solid by adding wax. I’d have done the same.

      • Jessica says

        yeah …the coconut oil was “hard” lol…and I am so having to remelt today..apparently when I added more wax yesterday..I went a bit overboard so now I’m adding a tad more of the other stuff. This is a great recipe though 😀 Im not pregnant, I’m making this for a friend who’s having twins.

        • Jelli says

          She’s going to LOVE it! I’m winding down on my pregnancy, expecting baby any day now, and using the very last of some whipped belly butter that I made (and will be sharing in the next couple of weeks.) Sure wish I had more, as I think it’s going to become my new body lotion of choice. Hope it goes well with the remix today, Jessica!

      • Leyna Allred says

        I just made it too and it didnt set. Was it supposed to be 2 T (tablespoons) of beeswax instead of 2 t (teaspoons)?

        • Jelli says

          No, it wasn’t. I am so sorry that you both had issues with the recipe. When I made it, I didn’t need much wax at all. The shea butters and cocoa butters I purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs were really solid, as in unscoopably solid when I received them. Were yours also of that consistency? Now I’m wondering if I got an oddball batch of butters or why the recipe isn’t yielding solid results.

          • Leyna Allred says

            They were solid, that’s why I assumed 2 teaspoons was right and also why i was confused when it didnt set. Weird. No biggie. Thank you for the recipe :)

          • Jelli says

            After your comment last night, I browsed around the net for other solid body butter recipes and most of them had similar wax to oil ratios, so the jury’s still out about why it didn’t set up for you. I’m so curious that I’m going to make it again soon and see how it turns out this time.

  5. Charlie says

    Yay ! I’ve been using anti stretch mark oil for most of my pregnancy, but now that winter is here, i was looking for a richer texture when i stumbled upon your recipe (on Buzzfeed i think).
    Tried and tested, takes mere minutes to make and smells incredible ! Definitely less expensive than most butters/creams/oils, AND you can use 100% organic ingredients =)
    Thank you !

    • Jelli says

      So happy you liked it, Charlie! It’s definitely my favorite for pregnancy and works awesome for dry skin during dry winters too. Thanks for reporting back!

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